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 Staying Open

As I’m writing these lines, something magical and amazing just happened. 

Let me tell you the story : I met Armelle a few months ago at the train station and we just started talking because I was lost with which train I would take. We never stopped talking. We spent the magical hour in the train like if we were in a bubble and energy was clearly flowing. Like a river. 

We stayed in touch and saw each other two other times and every hour was out of time. It was empowering. 

To make this meeting happen I stayed open to everything and to love. She’s 50 years older than me but I can’t feel it. She’s today one of my most precious friends, my soul friend in this life. This woman, with wide open blue eyes and so much love to share. We share an amazing story together and we talk about absolutely everything. No Taboo and •••• how good it feels !

With her I took the train last weekend. On a « coup de tête  » ! We went in the direction of Dijon and we separately spent our weekend with one of our friend. Me in Dijon and her in another small city not far. 

We evolve together like never. She makes me understand things about me and so do I do it to her. And we thank each other. 

Tonight , as we were talking, I saw 23h23 (precision : I see mirror hours absolutely all the time these last weeks) and I said « one of our guide is here ! » And then we both felt an amazing presence in the room. The first time it ever happened like that. So powerful and true. Just magical. She said it before I could have even tell her about what I had felt. 🤺

I’m living an amazing life, I love it, I am in love. I’m happy I have these great times and this energy to tell you about it. I learn everyday a bit more about me, about others , about love, about what I want. Now I know even more. 

Stay open, look for the love in you. It heals everything. ❤️

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