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Urnes Bio🏜️

I discovered a few weeks ago the concept of bios urns. What is it about ? I wrote to the startup and they kindly answered me a nice message to explain to me why they created this. 🏖️

« Hello Sara,

The idea for the Bios Urn came to designer Gerard Moline when he was a young child. He was planting flower seeds in the garden with his grandmother and she discovered a dead bird. She instinctively picked up the bird, and put it into a hole in the earth with some flower seeds on top. By doing this, she gave the bird new life, and this memory stayed with Gerard for many years. When he was in university, he remembered this experience, and decided to create a project around it, with the first prototype of the Bios Urn.

You can read about the change and the first urn here:

We sell them worldwide, and are active in close to 40 countries so the idea is being picked up and we are very happy with it!

Many people are attracted to the Bios Urn, for different reasons. 

We have had some religious people tell us that they still want the Bios Urn, i think our product is one that is about more than religion – its about connection, and people connect to it on a very personal level.

Yes! I actually used a Bios Urn for my sister when she passed away, and it was such a strong experience for me I ended up joining the team. »

The idea is amazing. Instead of putting the bodies in a sad box where it’s going to get ugly, you turn it into a tree ! Nature comes back to nature right ? I found the idea great and people around me are interested even though I hope they still have the time, always good to think about it !🌍🌎🌏

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