Jonas the argentin angel : interview

This one is in english. Dedicated to one of my favourite human that I know, Jonas. His view of the world, the purity of his heart and mind have always been a model for me. I am so grateful we talk to each other.
We met in Israel and kept contact through whatsapp (social media can be good if well used). Since then we are talking to each other almost everyday, exchanging about our points of view, spirituality, life, love, experiences…♥This is the song that describes him the best from my opinion ! Listen to this song while reading about his thoughts… Click here



What picture of the world do you have?
My picture of the world is one of organized chaos.

What’s your philosophy?
“Philosphies may help but they are not the your truth”.

What’s the best thing that you’ve ever done for someone that you remember?
I think it was listening and taking care of someone when they needed me to.
 What do you want to achieve in the years to come?
I want to have a steady job which I really enjoy and the possibility to live abroad.
 Have you ever had a difficult experience that changed your life in one minute?
Maybe. Some intense experiences that made me re think many things.

 What are your beliefs?
We are Love. There is a lot about existence that we don’t understand.


What would you say to the younger version of you?
“You’ll figure it out on your own”


 What’s the most important thing in the world?

Describe the first best memory that comes to your mind.
I remember reading my very first book over and over again at primary school. I loved it.
 What do you prefer about you? About your character.
I like that I am straightforward and as honest as I can.
What would you like to change?
Laws and “crazy stuff”

What do you think about being faithful? What does it mean to you?
I believe the most important person one should be faithful to is oneself.
What’s your favourite colour?
I’d say green. And yellow. Actually, I think many colours are my favourite now.
Finally, what would you like to say to the world?
One important message. ‘I have hope and I am trying my best’

Photo from Jonas

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